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Victoria Justice Says She & Ariana Grande Have Texted About ‘Stupid’ Feud Rumors

Victoria Justice is finally putting rumors about her alleged feud with Victorious co-star-turned-pop star Ariana Grande to rest.

Speaking with E! News during Coachella weekend 1, Justice revealed that she and Grande have openly talked about the rift rumors and find the narrative to be ridiculous.


“Ariana texted me and we both were like, ‘This is so stupid.’ I think the biggest rumor is this whole narrative that was created with me being jealous of her and of us not being friends,” she explained. “I feel like it’s this constant story of the media and people wanting to pit people against each other, and it’s just so not even relevant anymore now. I was like, ‘This is so dumb.’ Ten years later! How is this even a story? This is so stupid.”

The rumors largely stem from a 2011 video interview with Popstar! magazine that featured Justice, Grande and fellow Victorious stars Elizabeth Gillies and Daniella Monet. Gillies remarked about Grande’s singing ability and tendency to randomly break out into song. Justice, who stayed mostly quiet during said portion of the interview with her arms crossed, chimed in to say, “I think we all sing,” which Grande agreed with (though this moment often is removed from the video’s meme version).

Justice addressed the feud narrative in a 2015 interview on The Meredith Vieira Show and stated that the rumors began with an interview Grande did with Seventeen, where she detailed her experiences with bullying on set during her Broadway days. Grande reached out to Justice to let her know that the article could be read as if it were about the Victorious star. “Once [the article] got out there, everyone thought that I was this bully and that I was mean to her, which couldn’t be further from the truth,” she explained during her appearance on the show.

Watch Victoria Justice explain the “stupid” feud rumors about her and Grande in the video below.

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