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Taylor Swift’s Stealthy Way of Secretly Traveling to Stage on Eras Tour Confirmed by a Fan Video

Taylor Swift has a lot of tricks up her sleeve, but fans just figured out one of them. Since the Eras Tour kicked off a few weeks ago, Swifties have been wondering how the pop star travels from backstage to the spotlight without being seen before each show — and now, a fan video has seems to have cracked the case.


One concertgoer in attendance at the trio of Eras Tour shows in Arlington, Texas, over the weekend captured the “Anti-Hero” singer’s undercover entrance in a Monday (April 3) TikTok that shows Swift apparently hiding in a fake cleaning cart filled with mops as two crew members roll her inconspicuously to her starting spot underneath the stage. At the end of the video, a door on the side of the cart opens and Swift — unmistakable in her sparkly outfit and long blonde hair — appears to stride out.

“Not Taylor Swift popping out of the janitor cart,” the fan captioned the video.

Billboard has reached out to Swift’s rep for comment.

Fans have long suspected that the cart was actually carrying the night’s headliner instead of cleaning supplies, but now, they actually have proof. The fake-out is similar to a tactic believed to be used by Harry Styles for his Love On Tour shows, in which he appears to hide in a large equipment box rolled out right before his performance begins, with him magically appearing from underneath the stage.

The “Lavender Haze” musician just finished up her third weekend of Eras Tour shows, which kicked off in March in Glendale, Ariz., and was followed by sets in Las Vegas and Arlington. She’ll take this weekend off before returning with a trio of shows in Tampa on April 13, 14 and 15 at Raymond James Stadium.

See the video of Taylor Swift popping out of her faux janitor cart below:


Not Taylor Swift popping out of the janitor cart during the #arlingtontserastour @taylorswift @taylornation #tstheerastour #eras #taylorswift #janitorsoftiktok

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