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Post Malone Teases New Song ‘Chemical,’ Reveals Release Date

A new Post Malone musical era is upon us, and the 27-year-old star took to social media on Wednesday (April 12) to tease his forthcoming single “Chemical,” which will be arriving on Friday (April 14).



See latest videos, charts and news

See latest videos, charts and news

In the 15-second clip, Posty is seen jamming out to the upbeat, pop-tinged track in the studio. “Fresh out of the party / Smoking in the car with you / Seven nation army / Fighting in the bar with you,” he sings in the chorus.


“Chemical” follows Post Malone’s fourth studio album, Twelve Carat Toothache, which featured hits like “One Right Now” and “Cooped Up.”

“It’s so hard,” Post previously told Billboard of his musical journey in his February 2022 cover story. “You lose a lot of the artist nowadays because a lot of people have so many genius ideas, but you lose a lot of that through everything that might happen with the business side — and you lose a little bit of yourself. Every time you change your art and your way of thinking for someone else’s, that takes a little piece of yourself off every time. I feel like I’m trying to rebuild.”

“Trying to shove 20 to 25 songs, it doesn’t work. Talking to the label [it’s like], ‘Oh, if you have less songs, you’re not going to stream as much,’ but the whole thing is that you don’t want to compromise your art and your gut vibe on anything,” he continued. “I’ve made a lot of compromises, especially musically, but now I don’t feel like I want to anymore. I don’t need a No. 1; that doesn’t matter to me no more, and at a point, it did.”

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