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Olivia Rodrigo & Charli XCX Unite for a Sweet Treat: ‘When Sucker Met Sour’

Olivia Rodrigo and Charli XCX have crossed paths. On Sunday (April 9), the British pop star posted a photo of herself hanging out with the “Drivers License” singer in a laid-back setting with a very appropriate caption for the post.


“When sucker met sour,” Charli wrote, adding candy, lollipop and bubble emojis. The image featured Charli smiling for the picture and Rodrigo posing and giving the camera a side eyed look while holding up an X-shot toy dart gun as friends in the background pose and wink. “LOVE YOU,” Rodrigo replied in the comments section with a series of heart emojis.

Charli’s caption references the similarities between her and Rodrigo’s album titles: Charli’s second studio album, released in 2014, is titled Sucker, while Rodrigo’s debut studio album, released in 2021, is titled Sour. Sucker marked Charli’s first album to debut on the Billboard 200, and peaked at No. 28; Sour hit No. 1 and is currently in its 97th week on the chart.

The new photo prompted fans in the comments to speculate whether a collaboration is afoot between the two artists. While fans will need to wait and see, Rodrigo has previously noted that she would love to work with Charli during a 2021 appearance on BBC’s The One Show.

“I’m really obsessed with Charli XCX and I think she’s an incredible songwriter, so it’d be really cool to write with her,” she said. After catching wind of the interview, Charli tweeted, “ummm taste ???? @Olivia_Rodrigo congratulations on everything you’re accomplishing and hit me up any time.”

See Charli XCX’s photo with Rodrigo here.

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