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Labrinth Drops Trailer for ‘Euphoria’ Track ‘Never Felt So Alone’ … But Wait, Is That Billie Eilish?

Billie, or no Billie? That is the question. Fans have been convinced for days that Labrinth‘s highly anticipated track “Never Felt So Alone” will feature a guest spot from Billie Eilish, but there’s still no official confirmation in sight.


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See latest videos, charts and news

There is, however, a brand new trailer for the song featuring someone who definitely looks a lot like the “Bad Guy” singer — even though you can’t actually see her face. Her likeness is crawling on the floor with wet hair covering her eyes and cheeks at the 15-second mark in the video teaser shared Tuesday (April 4) on Labrinth’s YouTube channel.


Clearer shots of Lab himself are also featured throughout the trailer, but a warped camera lens makes it difficult to tell what’s happening in the video. At one point, he seems to be rolled into a mysterious room on a stretcher; in another scene, he and a group of men are chained to a weird metal structure.

“Never Felt So Alone” was featured in Euphoria‘s second season, but has remained unreleased since the show’s latest installment dropped on HBO Max last year, unlike the lion’s share of Labrinth’s original songs and collaborations with leading lady Zendaya and a handful of guest artists for the official soundtrack. That all changes on Friday (April 7), when the ethereal electro-pop mix finally arrives on streaming services.

Fans have suspected that Eilish would be jumping on the track for its official release since Lab first announced on Instagram last week that he’d be dropping the song. All it took to send fans spiraling was the “Happier Than Ever” singer’s comment on his post: a simple winky face — ;).

It’s also worth noting that Labrinth was one of Eilish’s special guests during one of her hometown shows at the Kia Forum in Los Angeles in December. The two teamed up that night for a live performance of, you guessed it — “Never Felt So Alone.”

See Labrinth’s (and Billie Eilish’s?) trailer for “Never Felt So Alone” above.

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