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Katy Perry ‘Made a Promise’ to Orlando Bloom to Stay Sober for 3 Months: ‘I Want to Quit’

Katy Perry‘s weekends are looking a little different now from the ones she sings about in “Last Friday Night” (“We danced on tabletops, and we took too many shots…”).


While attending a curated cocktail event in New York City Monday night (March 27), the pop star declined to drink anything spiked and revealed that she’s currently attempting a three-month sobriety pact with fiancé Orlando Bloom. “I’ve been sober for five weeks today…,” she said at the event, according to People.

“I’ve been doing a pact with my partner and I want to quit,” she added, jokingly pretending to cry.

And when fellow American Idol judge Luke Bryan, who was also in attendance along with Lionel Richie, asked the “Firework” singer if she was going to break her promise to Bloom, she said: “No, girl! I can’t cave. I made a promise. Three months.”

Luckily, Perry didn’t have to abstain from the party completely. The bar was reportedly stocked with her own line of non-alcoholic apéritifs, De Soi. “I definitely can’t drink like I was in my 20s,” she said in an interview when she launched the company last year. “On a weekday, having a couple [of alcoholic drinks] will take me out of the presence game for the next day or two.”

“So I like to have a bit of self-control on the weekdays and then have dinners with friends and stuff on weekends or when I’m not working, et cetera,” continued Perry, who shares a two-year-old daughter with Bloom. “But really it’s about balance.”

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