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Katy Perry and Kim Kardashian Bond Over Having an ‘Ugly Cry Face’: ‘We All Have One’

Katy Perry got some rather hysterical support from Kim Kardashian on Tuesday (April 5) after posting her emotional reaction to the latest episode of American Idol.


“Hi this is my ugly cry face. watch #idol now to get urs,” the pop star captioned a close-up of herself breaking down in tears on the ABC competition series.

As the subject of the original ugly crying meme, Kardashian hopped into the comments section of the post to commiserate. “We all have one,” she wrote. (The official American Idol Instagram account also chimed in, commenting, “Cry about it later/now/always” in a cheeky reference to Perry’s Smile album cut “Cry About It Later.”)

Fans of both stars responded enthusiastically to the SKIMS mogul’s quip, declaring “best comment award” with a gold medal emoji and “if you haven’t an ugly cry, are you even livinggg?”

There’s been quite a bit of drama happening on Perry’s latest season of Idol lately. First, her harsh joke during Sara Beth Liebe’s audition prompted the young mother of three to accuse the singer of “mom shaming.” Then, Liebe unexpectedly quit the competition during Sunday’s (April 2) episode to go back home to her kids, despite Perry making a last-ditch effort to encourage her to stay.

She wasn’t the only contestant to walk away either — Eurythmics member Dave Stewart’s daughter Kaya also bowed out one day later just moments before she was meant to duet with fellow singer Fire on Adam Lambert’s 2009 single “Whataya Want From Me.”

Check out Perry’s amusing “cry face” and read Kardashian’s reaction in the comments section below.

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