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Here’s Why Lizzo is Declaring Herself a ‘Disney Princess’ Following ‘Mandalorian’ Cameo

Lizzo is reasoning that she’s officially a Disney princess, and she’s got some sound logic to back it up. Following her cameo as the “Dutchess” of Plazir-15 in a recent episode of The Mandalorian, the 34-year-old hitmaker posted a TikTok declaring herself amongst the ranks of Cinderella, Mulan and Snow White.



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“YALL I JUST REALIZED THAT IM ROYALTY IN STAR WARS WHICH IS DISNEY WHICH MAKES ME A DISNEY PRINCESS,” she wrote in the TikTok, in which she confidently ruffles her hair and poses with a pair of sunglasses.


In her caption, though, the “Truth Hurts” musician did amend her statement to be slightly more accurate: “*Disney Dutchess.”

Fans in her comments were definitely down with the idea of Princess Lizzo, with one fan entertaining the idea: “Brunch with Princess Tiana, GRWM videos with Snow White, vacationing with Moana.”

“Screaming,” Lizzo replied to the commenter.

The Grammy winner guest starred in the Star Wars spinoff’s “Chapter 22: Guns for Hire” episode alongside Jack Black’s Captain Bombardier, the two of them playing leaders of the far-off planet Plazir-15. Pedro Pascal’s titular character crosses paths with the powerful couple while on a side quest search for the former crew of Bo-Katan (played by Katee Sackhoff).

“When I was a young girl my dad introduced me to Star Wars like a rite of passage,” Lizzo wrote April 6, one day after the episode aired on Disney+. “The [trilogies] are his favorite movies and quickly became mine. When Jon Favreau called me and offered the role of The Dutchess I cried all day wishing my dad was still with us cus he’d be so proud.”

“Star Wars was a dream I never thought was possible— but thanks to Jon, Bryce, and everyone in the galaxy I am now part of the ever-expanding saga of the stars,” she added. “I am in honorable company and forever grateful. This is The Way…. and May the Force be with you.”

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