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Gayle Reacts to ‘Queen’ Kelly Clarkson Changing the Lyrics to ‘ABCDEFU’ Post-Divorce

Kelly Clarkson turned some heads with her recent cover of “abcdefu,” and it wasn’t just because of her powerhouse vocals. After the three-time Grammy winner changed the song’s lyrics to not-so-subtly reference her recent divorce from ex-husband Brandon Blackstock, her fans — including the original creator of the hit herself, Gayle — were both stunned and floored.


Gayle reacted to the pointed lyric change on Instagram Monday (April 3), sharing a side-by-side video of the Kelly Clarkson Show performance and her reaction to it. “OK OK BUT THIS LYRIC CHANGE!!!!” wrote the 18-year-old Grammy nominee, passionately singing along to Clarkson’s updated take.

Right from the beginning of her Thursday (March 30) Kellyoke cover, Clarkson made Gayle’s chart-topping single her own by singing: “Forget you, and your dad, and the fact that you got half / And my broken heart, turn that s–t into art.”

The Voice coach later repeated that same line in place of the song’s chorus, which usually goes, “F–k you and your mom and your sister and your job/ And your broke a– car and that s–t you call art.”

It doesn’t take much imagination to find what may have inspired the “Stronger” singer’s remixed lyrics. It was only last year that she legally finalized her contentious split from Blackstock — with whom she shares kids River and Remington — a process that ended with Clarkson agreeing to pay her ex $1.3 million in addition to monthly child support (ahem, “the fact that you got half…”). 

Fans on social media and YouTube comments were all for the shade, and now, Gayle has made it clear that she’s also on board. “A queen be queening,” the “everybody hates me” singer captioned her video.

See Gayle’s reaction to Kelly Clarkson’s cover of “abcdefu” below.

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