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Dove Cameron & Sean Penn Star in Diplo’s ‘Use Me (Brutal Hearts)’ Music Video

Diplo is continuing the musical journey of his country persona Thomas Wesley with his newest release, the guitar-infused “Use Me (Brutal Hearts),” featuring Dove Cameron and Sturgill Simpson “reborn” under the name Johnny Blue Skies.


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See latest videos, charts and news

The Grammy-winning producer unveiled the corresponding music video on Friday (April 14) starring Cameron herself and Sean Penn stepping into the role of Blue Skies. In the clip, the singer and the actor trade sultry verses in a Western-style strip club and rodeo bar, as Diplo makes his way through the madness.


Diplo "Use Me (Brutal Hearts)" feat. Johnny Blue Skies & Dove Cameron

Diplo “Use Me (Brutal Hearts)” feat. Johnny Blue Skies & Dove Cameron

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“Use Me (Brutal Hearts)” is set to appear on Diplo’s upcoming country project, Diplo Presents Thomas Wesley: Chapter 2 – Swamp Savant, out April 28 via Columbia Records. “To prepare for this new Thomas Wesley project, I went back to my father’s house in Florida and I spent six months learnin guitar, gettin in touch with nature, working his boat when the shrimp were running on full moons at the trailer park,” he said of the album in a press statement. “I tried on a lot of cowboy hats. I rode a lot of motorcycles and horses basically reflected on my whole life and career and connection with this music… there was a lot. It all started in the swamps I was raised in. This is the greatest single piece of work I’ve ever done, I can promise you that.”

Diplo is also gearing up for a number of Thomas Wesley shows this year, including returning to Stagecoach for the third time for his annual Late Night in Palomino closer and his own stage at the festival, Diplo’s HonkyTonk. He’s also set to perform at Nashville’s Wildhorse Saloon on May 10.

Watch the “Use Me (Brutal Hearts)” music video below.

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