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Doja Cat Laughs Off ‘Demonic’ Accusations After Sharing Monstrous New Tattoo

Doja Cat is above the demonic discourse — if anything, it amuses her. The “Need to Know” rapper inadvertently reignited satanic panic on Sunday (April 16) after revealing her new tattoo of a scaled, animal figure crossbred with female attributes, and she had some choice words for those claiming she is engaging in unholy behavior.


In response to a tweet regarding her forthcoming album, one Twitter user enquired, “What’s the point of writing your music and creating something if it isn’t considered timeless?! I HOPE THAT THIS ALBUM has no demonic influence. If it does, not worth listening to. I said what I said. If you don’t like it, take your grievances to @god and @jesus.” Doja’s response? “Slay girl yas.”

A separate user also questioned the 27-year-old rapper’s recent postings, writing, “I show up when it’s time for their soul to GO TO HELL. Now play on that @dojacat, the only person in a ritual putting demonic s–t on my page,” to which Doja replied, “Honestly werk.” The rapper later made a follow-up to both tweets, asserting that she loves when people accuse of her of being satanic. “If ur calling me demonic honestly werk cuz like i love that u ate fr,” she wrote.

After showing off her tattoo on Instagram, Doja made a follow-up post that contained an explanation regarding her ink’s origins, captioning the photos, “your fear is not my problem.” A slide in the carousel explained that the semi-animal creature that now lives on her forearm is inspired by Fortunio Liceti’s 1655 Monsters series, where he made illustrations inspired by deformities in nature.

Some fans on Instagram supported the rapper’s tattoo — and open mindset — in the comments section. “People want to scream the words demonic or illuminate [sic] at the sight of anything they’re unfamiliar with,” one user wrote. Another fan added, “Quite a wholesome and profound inspiration to draw from. Finding beauty in our imperfections. Makes me even more excited for this album.”

See Doja’s new tattoo here, and her tweeted responses below.

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