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Chlöe Bailey Says Comparisons to Sister Halle ‘Piss Me Off’: ‘That Gets Under My Skin the Most’

It’s Chlöe x Halle, not Chlöe vs. Halle. While sitting down with Latto on the “Big Energy” rapper’s 777 Radio show Thursday (March 30), Chlöe Bailey opened up about feeling sick of people pitting her against her younger sister and bandmate.


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See latest videos, charts and news

“Honestly, it really pisses me off,” the “Have Mercy” musician said. “I think out of everything, that’s the thing that gets under my skin the most, when people are comparing us because we are best friends, we’re sisters.”


“Sometimes we forget that we’re not twins and it’s like, don’t mess with my blood,” added Bailey, who presented Latto with the Powerhouse Award at the Billboard Women in Music Awards earlier this month. “Don’t mess with her. Sometimes I just have to brush it off because people only see what they want to make up, what they want to believe.”

Speaking of the Little Mermaid live action star, Bailey also spoke about her sister’s romance with rapper DDG. “I am so protective of my sister,” she told Latto. “But seeing how happy she is, I’m happy. I told him I had my eye on him.”

If rumors are to be believed, Halle isn’t the only Bailey sister with a man — though Chlöe remained tight-lipped about her rumored relationship with Quavo. “He’s a really nice guy,” was all she divulged about the Migos rapper, with whom she’ll costar in Peacock’s Praise This, despite all of Latto’s efforts to uncover more.

The Grownish star did, however, reveal that she has had love enter her life recently — whether or not Quavo is part of it — something that’s helped her create the music on her new album, In Pieces, out Friday (March 31). “I never went to high school,” she told Latto. “I was homeschooled for high school. So it’s like all the experiences, falling in love, falling out of love, breaking up, making up, all of that, I’m going through it now.”

“So it’s really been motivating the lyrics,” Bailey continued. “And when I’m angry, instead of crying or wanting to throw things, I just sit there and I write, and then I’m like, “OK, s–t.”

Watch Chlöe Bailey chat with Latto about Halle Bailey, Quavo and more on 777 Radio below:

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