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10 Weird Christmas Songs You Probably Haven’t Heard

Look, there are a LOT of holiday songs out there. And we have our chart-based list of the 100 Greatest of All Time Holiday 100 Songs, as well as our staff picks for 100 Best Christmas Songs of All Time. And even that’s just scratching the seasonal surface. For every “All I Want for Christmas Is You” or “White Christmas,” there are a hundred half-assed holiday songs you hear once and happily let jingle off into oblivion. Songs that would have better served the public by exemplifying what is described in “Silent Night.”

But this list isn’t about the seasonal songs that soar or the ones that bore. This roundup is about the freaky festive fare that hits you like a fruitcake: It might leave you with a queasy feeling in your stomach, but its distinct flavor is going to linger for a while. And sometimes it’s the oddball tunes that light up the cloudy night like Rudolph’s nose.

Which is why we’re pressing pause on tasteful recordings from artists such as Bing Crosby and Vince Guaraldi for a moment and spotlighting these 10 Weird Christmas Songs. That means everything from a metal version of a religious classic (by a British knight!) to an instrumental Xmas reggae by a Beatle (who is also a British knight!).

Here are 10 bizarro holiday tracks that will either enrapture your wondering eyes or send you fleeing up the nearest chimney for escape. And if you dig these but want to go even deeper into the wild wintery world of Xmas oddities, check out this Christmas mixtape where long-lost gems and stone-cold classics sit comfortably side by side at the fireplace.

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