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Watch Lil Yachty Tell Sarah Sherman She’s Definitely Going to Jail For Not Paying Taxes in ‘SNL’ Promo

Lil Yachty has some very bad news for Saturday Night Live cast member Sarah Sherman in one of the promos for this weekend’s show. “Oh my God!,” a nervous Sherman yelps after this week’s host, Abbott Elementary star/producer/writer Quinta Brunson, introduces herself.


“What?” a surprised Brunson asks.

“I just realized, I haven’t paid my taxes,” Sherman frets about not filling out her forms before tax day descends in two weeks. “Oh, that’s okay. You still have a couple weeks,” Brunson assures the sketch player.

“No, I just realized I haven’t paid my taxes… ever,” Sherman squeaks.

After standing silently through two bits, a shades-wearing Yachty laughs and says, “Damn, you are going to jail.”

Sherman is equally sweaty in the first promo, where Brunson tries to talk the comedian off her hyperventilating edge by revealing that it’s Sarah’s first promo shoot and asking her if she’s okay. “Yeah, sorry, I’ve never done this before,” Sherman sheepishly apologizes as Brunson says she can tell.

“Hi, I’m Quinta Brunson and I will be hosting…,” Sherman stammers with eyes wide open. “Oh, no, see that’s my line,” Quinta explains as she and Yachty comfort the clearly shook SNLer. The third bit, of course, leans into a school/detention joke.

Earlier this week it was revealed that SNL will roar back this month with hree back-to-back shows, including an April 8 episode with SNL three-timers the Jonas Brothers performing alongside former cast member Molly Shannon (A Good Person) in her second hosting gig.

On April 15, Karol G will take the 8H stage for the first time with Oscar nominee Ana de Armas (Ghosted), who will also make her SNL debut that night. Saturday Night Live airs live on NBC at 11:30 p.m. ET and streams live on Peacock at the same time.

Check out this week’s SNL promo below.

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