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Watch ‘Barbie’ Have ‘Fun, Fun, Fun’ in New Movie Trailer

Greta Gerwig’s upcoming film Barbie offered a look at Barbie Land in its second teaser trailer — released on Tuesday (April 4) — which features an abundance of technicolor sets, a star-studded cast and a 1964 hit by The Beach Boys.


Starring as the main Barbie in the film, Margot Robbie kicks off the trailer by saying hello to her fellow Barbie counterparts (Issa Rae, Alexandra Shipp and Ana Cruz Kayne) as they lounge on a bright beach. The Kens — Ryan Gosling and Simu Liu — also say hello to Barbie in a not-so-subtle competition for her attention. (Dua Lipa also stars in the movie as a Barbie mermaid, though she did not make an appearance in the trailer.)

As Barbie drives through the picture-perfect Barbie Land in her pink convertible, The Beach Boys’ hit “Fun, Fun, Fun” fitting blasts through the trailer. “And with the radio blasting/ Goes cruising just as fast as she can now/ And she’ll have fun fun fun,” lead singer Brian Wilson sings.

“Fun, Fun, Fun” was released as a single from the group’s 1964 album Shut Down Volume 2. The track, written by Wilson and his fellow group member Mike Love, peaked at No. 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 and spent a total of 11 weeks on the chart in 1964.

Barbie — which, per the film’s official synopsis, follows the tale of the titular doll on a quest to find happiness “after being expelled from Barbie Land for being a less than perfect-looking” — arrives in theaters on July 21.

Watch the latest trailer above.

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