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Seth Meyers Passed Out on The Floor After Day Drinking With Rihanna: ‘Worth Every Second’

Don’t ever challenge Rihanna to a drink-off. Seth Meyers has revealed that after hitting the bars with the superstar in June 2019 for his show’s “Day Drinking” bit, he was as hammered as he’s ever been in his life, while RihRih seemed pretty much unaffected.


“Rihanna was the drunkest I’ve ever been, and it was worth every second of it,” the late night host shared on Monday night’s (April 18) visit to the The Late Late Show with James Corden. “First of all, I should note that — hate to break the news here — but she’s younger than me. We drank the same amount and then she definitely went out, like she was fine.”

“She walked out, she looked as good as she did when we started,” Meyers continued. “I went home, immediately fell asleep in the hallway of my apartment. Got in the door, fell asleep. My wife passive aggressively, James, put a water next to my head and went to bed.”

For proof, the former SNL star shared a photo of him passed out on his back in his hallway, limbs spread out limply to the side with his cell phone resting on his chest. “I like that I have my phone on my chest just in case Rihanna called,” Meyers joked to friend he will share an overlapping late night spot with for one more week; Corden is signing off from The Late Late Show on April 27.

He and the Fenty Beauty mogul filmed their day drinking escapade in 2019 for a recurring segment on Late Night with Seth Meyers, which has also seen the likes of Lizzo, the Jonas Brothers and Lorde getting tanked in broad daylight with the host. During the segment, Seth and Rih chugged beers, enjoyed bizarre cocktails named after Rihanna songs — “Under My Rumbrella,” for example — and played increasingly sloppy drinking games. And Meyers, indeed, did seem quite sloshed by the end of it.

Watch Seth Meyers reminisce on day drinking with Rihanna above.

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