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Niall Horan Hilariously Impersonates Blake Shelton in Fake Biopic for ‘The Voice’

One last ride! The Voice unveiled a hysterical new promo on Monday (April 3) for a fake Blake Shelton biopic starring his fellow coach Niall Horan.

In the clip, the camera pans from the country singer’s signature outfit of boots, jeans and a simple black overshirt only to reveal that the former One Direction-er had stepped into his role as a coach. “This is my last season,” Horan says in a near-perfect imitation of Shelton’s Oklahoma drawl as he re-enacts contestant Grace West’s blind audition. “I’ve got somethin’ to say to Grace: People of America are gon’ love you. I would be honored to have you on the last Team Blake.”


The faux trailer also features coaches Kelly Clarkson and Chance the Rapper and longtime host Carson Daly as themselves, as well as Horan playing double duty — and switching accents — to play himself. (“It all comes down to this,” a narrator states to close out the trailer. “One last ride… Blake Shelton’s final season.”)

Of course, the parody is all in good fun, and Shelton finally appears to give Horan’s impersonation his stamp of approval, saying, “I do think Niall does a great impression of me, I gotta say. He’s got the accent down pretty good, but he’s got the words down perfectly. I’m kind of enjoying having this mini-me here, it’s flattering.”

The coaches are currently in the midst of overseeing the Battles of season 23 — whittling their teams down to groups of just six singers each to advance to the Knockouts.

Watch Horan’s spot-on take on Shelton in the latest promo for The Voice below.

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