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Molly Shannon Convinces the Jonas Brothers to Smell Their Pits in ‘SNL’ Promo

Molly Shannon is a Saturday Night Live veteran. The beloved former cast member (1995-2001) who gave the world such gloriously weird characters as 50-and-proud high kicker Sally O’Malley, Catholic school student Mary Katherine Gallagher and super mellow NPR “Delicious Dish” host Terry Rialto is firmly in her element in the promo videos for this weekend’s SNL.

Hanging with musical guests the Jonas Brothers and cast member Ego Nwodim, the bubbly The Other Two star excitedly introduces the sibling trio in the first clip, with Nwodim asking Joe, Nick and Kevin if they’re psyched for the SNL Easter egg hunt.

Sadly, a leather jacket-wearing Nick informs her, “we can’t participate in that,” with Joe explaining that their mom said they’re not allowed to have chocolate. “It makes us too hyper,” adds father of two Kevin, 35.

In a second bit, Nwodim notes that spring has sprung outside, suggesting they take the show outdoors to take advantage of the nice weather. The whole gang leaves, with Shannon and Nwodim quickly returning after having second thoughts and realizing the boys are gone. “Oh shoot,” Molly says. “I think we lost the Jonas Brothers!” But then Nwodim reminds Shannon that she can sing and they seem fine with the Bros being no-shows.

In the final promo, Ego admits to Shannon that she’s a huge fan, a compliment Molly seems touched by. “Honestly, I’m a little nervous to be performing with you,” Nwodim tells her comedy hero. “Yeah, same,” the JoBros second. So Shannon offers them the best tip to beat those nerves: stick your hands in your armpits, duh!

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