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Lizzo Announces Yitty Line of Gender-Affirming Shapewear: ‘You Deserve to Feel Like You’

When Lizzo says Yitty is for everybody, she really means every body. The musician announced Thursday morning (March 30) that her clothing company will soon be rolling out a line of gender-affirming shapewear called “Your Skin,” including binders and tucking thongs for all gender identities.


“Introducing.. YOUR SKIN by @Yitty,” Lizzo wrote in an announcement posted to her social media accounts. “You deserve to feel like you. You deserve to feel good in Your Skin.”

“We’ve been working on this a long time & it’s finally ready!” the “About Damn Time” singer added. “Binder tops & tucking thongs coming this summer !”

Lizzo also included preview photos of the upcoming products in her post, featuring models showing off form-fitting tops and bottoms made out of black and purple fabric. The four-time Grammy winner has long been vocal about her support for LGBTQ rights. In fact, Yitty’s new line comes just a couple weeks after Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee signed highly controversial bills targeting trans and nonbinary youth, which Lizzo has denounced.

“When we say we support every body, we mean it,” read a separate Your Skin announcement on the official Yitty Instagram account, which noted that the “passion project” has been in the works for two years. “We believe in radical self-love for people of all gender identities — including the trans, non-binary, gender-fluid and gender non-conforming communities that have been chronically underserved. So, we decided to take our expertise and create styles that serve those very same communities.”

“It is our mission to continue serving all bodies, which is why these core styles will always be available at YITTY, starting late summer 2023,” the announcement concluded. “And this is just the beginning. We hope you can feel the love in every stitch.”

See Lizzo’s Your Skin announcement below:

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