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Jonas Brothers Get Wild Choreography Lesson from Molly Shannon’s Sally O’Malley on ‘SNL’: Watch

The Jonas Brothers have hired an eccentric new dance instructor to help refine their image.

Former Saturday Night Live cast member Molly Shannon returned to host the iconic sketch comedy show on April 8, reprising one of her most beloved characters, the racy dance choreographer Sally O’Malley, during a hilarious sketch featuring the pop star siblings.


“The boys feel they’re not a teeny-bopper band anymore, and they’re about to start their Vegas residency, so they want a more mature stage act,” SNL‘s Kenan Thompson, portraying the JoBros’ manager, tells the trio’s existing dance coaches before introducing the newly hired O’Malley.

Shannon’s O’Malley, wearing her classic red two-piece outfit and sporting frizzy hair, then struts onstage and immediately makes her presence felt.

“My name is Sally O’Malley. I’m proud to say I’m 50 years old. I’m not one of those girls who’s afraid to tell her real age,” she says before showing off her iconic kick and stretch routine.

O’Malley is asked by skeptical choreographers Greto (played by SNL‘s Chloe Fineman) and Turbo (Bowen Yang) what she can add to the Jonas Brothers’ dance moves.

“Try five decades of dirty dancing and red pants-ing,” O’Malley confidently replies, pulling up her trousers. “I’ve got half a century of sizzle in my lady schnitzel. The Grand Canyon’s got nothing on me!”

From there, the Jonas Brothers — who also appeared as the episode’s musical guest — walk out and strip off their clothing to reveal red shirts and pants matching O’Malley’s signature getup. After mimicking her kick and stretch combo, Nick Jonas suggests adding a jump to the routine and quickly gets ridiculed by the instructor.

“Jump? Neil, you’re fired!” O’Malley says, purposely mispronouncing his name. Joe throws out the idea of having Sally take over Nick’s spot in the group. “Yeah, that’s a great idea. Do you know any of our songs?” Kevin asks the choreographer. “Absolutely not! I’m 50 years old,” she answers.

The skit ends with a newspaper headline that reads, “New Jonas Brother Is 50-Year-Old Woman!”

Watch SNL‘s “Sally O’Malley: Jonas Brothers” sketch below. For those without cable, the broadcast streams on Peacock, which you can sign up for at the link here. Having a Peacock account also gives fans access to previous SNL episodes.

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